Character profiles

Jeffrey Michael Fletcher

Born March 10, 2030, in Cordola, Carnelia.
Height: 1.80 m ( 5' 11" )
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Brown
Occupation: Architecture student, greeting card designer
Hobbies: Watching movies, reading comic books, photography, listening to music, drawing
Favourite food: Spaghetti bolognese
Trivia: Has a small collection of late 20th century style shoes

Jeff is your typical ever-suffering "nice guy". He likes action movies, comics and architecture. He hasn’t quite caught up with the mid 21st century yet – he still holds on to old 20th century relics like CD players, and traditional paper books. Mostly solitary, he is prone to depression, sometimes calling himself, “nothing but a blank space”. While a little self-conscious and hesitant, he has a quick wit and extensive general knowledge. Jeff is polite, hardworking and earnest, but has led a rather sheltered life. He often rides the monorail to the city to look for old comic books or photograph the old buildings. He is an only child. His father is an engineer working on NEAM (the Near Earth Asteroid Mine) and his mother is a lawyer. His father hails from Australia, and his mother from China. Jeff is truly representative of Carnelia’s “East meets West” reputation.

Rufus Thomas O'Reily

Born July 6, 2029, in Denver, United States
Height: 1.84 m ( 6' )
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Hazel
Occupation: Architecture student
Hobbies: Eating, sleeping, sex, snowboarding, football
Favourite food: Mega Burger's Big Cheese Deluxe
Trivia: Has a license to pilot a skycar

Rufus is street-smart, outgoing, confident and popular with girls. He often gives Jeff advice on many things, mostly girl related. He always looks on the positive side of life and rarely lets anything bother him. Unlike Jeff or Nigel he is unrestrained in his love of fun and mischief – he can be seen in the comic taking a hockey stick and puck out onto an ice skating rink, streaking across the stage of a rock concert and base jumping off the Cordola Pinnacle. These sorts of activities inspired Jeff to create the phrase, “If there’s a ruckus, it must be Rufus.” It seems that he is always treating his girlfriend Melissa badly, but his comeuppance may be waiting in the wings. He rapidly achieves a “playboy” status on campus, despite being in a relationship. Rufus attracts many girls, most of which he tries to pass on to Jeff, but his well-meaning attempts fail, as it only endears him to the girls even more.

Amy Celeste Kitts

Born January 11, 2030, in Stockholm, Sweden
Height: 1.66 m ( 5' 5" )
Hair colour: Purple (dyed)
Eye colour: Green
Occupation: Advertising student, model for karaoke videos
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, writing songs, shopping, playing guitar
Favourite food: Pepperoni pizza with extra cheese
Trivia: Voted "Best makeover" of her graduating class

Amy is the quintessential fun-loving 21st century girl. She is lively, talkative, flirty and popular. She likes to gossip, snoop around, play practical jokes and generally get in people’s way. She can also play the role of “one of the boys” as she enjoys action movies and sports. She was given up at birth and she lives with her adoptive older sister Yvonne. While she seems ditzy and a little clueless, she is a lot more intelligent and sensitive than she lets on. In fact, in high school she was a high achiever and somewhat of an outcast. She acts silly and bubbly to compensate for her lonely years back then. Amy has the best singing voice of all the cast, and loves singing at the local karaoke club. She thinks her name is boring and sometimes uses her alter-ego “Callista Evangeline”. She and Marcy have been best friends for over a decade. Amy can often irritate Marcy with her boundless energy and childlike behaviour, but they have a strong bond nevertheless.

Marcy Lydia Hannaford

Born May 28, 2030, in London, United Kingdom
Height: 1.66 m ( 5' 5" )
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Blue
Occupation: Architecture student, freelance writer
Hobbies: Painting, writing poetry, reading, listening to music, shopping
Favourite food: Lemon frosted cheesecake with strawberries
Trivia: Despite being the First Daughter of the Lunar Republic, she has never set foot on the Moon

Marcy Hannaford is a strikingly beautiful English girl. Born in London, she came to Cordola with her parents in 2036. She is quiet, moody and thoughtful. Much like Jeff, she is used to being alone but is more self-sufficient and hardy. She has a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to life - except in matters of romance. Reserved and shy, she feels overshadowed by her popular and perky friend Amy. However, she is the target of many a boy’s affection, much to Amy’s frustration. She is artistic – painting and writing poetry in her spare time, although she never reveals them to anyone but her family and Amy. She is rather modest and prefers not to draw attention to herself. Due to a heartbreaking end to her first and only relationship, she shies away from boys. She never received closure on her lost relationship, and always wonders what their future together might have been like. She has a younger sister, Daphne. Her mother is the president of the Lunar Republic, and her father the British ambassador to Carnelia. Marcy is also AGMI, refusing to eat any “genetically improved” foods.

Nigel Osbourne

Born August 29, 2030, in Montreal, Canada
Height: 1.76 m ( 5' 9" )
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Brown
Occupation: Architecture student
Hobbies: Computer games, watching sci-fi movies, reading
Favourite food: Grilled salmon and devilled eggs
Trivia: Fluent in French

Nigel Osbourne is a proud geek, and is up to date on all the latest technologies and fads. However, he does feel a certain nostalgia for the "innocent era of the Noughties". He enjoys computer games, cars and electronics. He is also somewhat of a military buff, and speaks in military lingo such as “that’s a roger” and “affirmative”. He and girls are apparently “like oil and water”, having long given up on finding happiness with a girl. However, like a bartender he likes to observe human interaction and can give suprisingly good advice to Jeff on girls. When he befriends Jeff he relishes the opportunity to introduce a novice to the wonders of mid 21st century Cordola. He prefers hanging out with Jeff as the masculine bravado and idoicy that Rufus displays often annoys him. As well as being highly intelligent Nigel is quite versed in the art of sarcasm.

Supporting and minor characters

Sophie Marks

Born April 14, 2020, in Paris, France
Height: 1.71 m ( 5' 7" )
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Blue/Grey
Occupation: Head lecturer at Cordola University
Hobbies: Nightclubbing, reading, film festivals
Favourite food: Chocolate cake
Trivia: Considered studying Forensic Science at Université Chirac.

Sophie Marks is the junior lecturer at Cordola University’s architecture department. Unlike the crusty old professors of the department, she is bright, young and vivacious with great enthusiasm and popularity. Rufus is immediately smitten with her. Little of her is known right now, but she will make more appearances as the comic progresses.

Yutaka "Sherlock" Takeshi

Born September 25, 2012, in Osaka, Japan
Height: 1.77 m ( 5' 10" )
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Occupation: Owner of Takeshi's Karaoke Club
Hobbies: Drawing manga, singing, solving mysteries
Favourite food: Fried octopus balls
Trivia: Is an amateur manga creator

Sherlock Takeshi is the lovable and memorable owner of Takeshi’s Karaoke Club. He arrived in Cordola in 2046 and has limited knowledge of English, but he is friendly, talkative and popular. Excluding the parents, he is the oldest cast member. He likes wearing loud shirts and sharing his bizarre tastes in food with his customers. He seems to like hanging around with Amy and Marcy, even to the point of arousing Nigel’s suspicion. He calls Amy “that awesome Swedish meatball”, Marcy “that wicked English muffin”, Jeff “J-man” and Rufus “Muscles”. He idolises Sherlock Holmes, even adopting his name as his own.

Daphne Melinda Hannaford

Born February 8, 2033, in London, the United Kingdom
Height: 1.61 m ( 5' 3" )
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Blue
Occupation: High school student
Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, shopping
Favourite food: Blueberry Ice Cream
Trivia: Has an IQ measured at 122

Daphne is Marcy’s younger sister. She is quite the high achiever in high school, getting top marks in all her classes. She is very intelligent and enjoys reading, solving puzzles and watching documentaries. Also, Daphne is more outspoken and sarcastic than her older sister. While often appearing to have a disapproving and dim view of Marcy, especially with her attitude towards relationships, she truly loves her very much and can give heartfelt advice when needed. Unlike Marcy, she has no problem with flying or eating genetically modified food.

Yvonne Kitts

Born October 23, 2021, in Stockholm, Sweden
Height: 1.69 m ( 5' 7" )
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Brown
Occupation: Flight Attendant for Carnelian Airlines
Hobbies: Travelling, photography
Favourite food: Swedish Potato Pancakes
Trivia: Has visited 32 countries

Yvonne Kitts is the daughter of Brian and Stacy Kitts, and Amy's adoptive sister. She lives with Amy in a small apartment in Copperton. They decided to remain in Carnelia while their parents and brother moved back to Sweden. Yvonne has travelled widely during her career as flight attendant and loves eating spicy and exotic food.

Neil Keung

Born April 3, 2030, in Guangzhou, China
Height: 1.76 m ( 5' 9" )
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Occupation: Musician
Hobbies: Music, travel, science
Favourite food: Pan Mee
Trivia: Had his left eyeball regrown by Trent Howlett laboratories after a freak accident.

Neil Keung is good friends with Candice, who he met shortly after his family moved to Carnelia. He was also a good friend to Amy while they were in high school, though they seem to have lost touch lately. Neil is fun, enthusiastic with a sly sense of humour, and like Rufus is a bit of a womaniser. He was a maths/science/gammer geek in high school and also is musical, fronting a band called Quadraticus. The band formerly had Toby Macintyre as a guitarist, before he left for Hollywood.

Candice Pomelo

Born November 17, 2030, in Geraldton, Australia
Height: 1.63 m ( 5' 4" )
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Blue
Occupation: Child Care student
Hobbies: Gardening, shopping, babysitting
Favourite food: Carbonara
Trivia: Owns two dogs, a Golden Retriever and a mixed adopted stray.

Candice is the youngest of the 21st Century Coeds youth besides Daphne, and as such is rather naive in matters of love, sex and relationships, as well as real world issues. She often leans on Neil as an older brother figure to educate her about the world. Little of her is known right now, but she will make more appearances as the comic progresses.

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