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What is this comic about?

21st Century Coeds is a webcomic about ordinary young people living in extraordinary times - almost at the midpoint of the 21st Century. While having a novel setting, it concentrates more on age-old themes of friendship, love, hardship and triumph. Some things never change.

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I have written 204 pages of script, which could amount to 1650 drawn pages. As of January 27 (97 months after commencing the project), I have drawn 583 pages.

21st Century Coeds

  1. Don't be late! read   Volume 1 summary
  2. Don't be shy read
  3. Don't scheme read
  4. Don't stray read
  5. Don't freeze up read
  6. Simulcra I: Back to the Noughties read   Volume 2 summary
  7. Eighteen Candles read
  8. The Night is Young read
  9. April's Fool read
  10. Mothers, hide your Daughters! read
  11. Carnival Atmosphere read   Volume 3 summary
  12. Simulcra II: Joust a lot of fun read
  13. The Reunion read
  14. Road Trip read
  15. The High School Chronicles read
  16. Simulcra III: Case Sensitive read
  17. Toil and Trouble read
  18. Mumbai Dreaming [Now Drawing] read
  19. The Date
  20. Luna
  21. Cordola Diva: Showdown
  22. Keep your eye on the Ball
  23. Yule be sorry
  24. Party like it's 2099
  25. Bowled over
  26. The upside of Down Under
  27. Model Citizen
  28. Start spreading the news
  29. V'Day Blues
  30. Home
  31. Simulcra V: The Last Days of Television
  32. Revelation
  33. True Calling
  34. Void
  35. Grief
  36. Crowning Achievement
  37. Dreams
  38. Open Waters
  39. The High School Chronicles: Part Two
  40. Cruising was made for Love

There are additional chapters to these, but they are just rough ideas in my head at the moment. They are listed below. I do have an ending in mind. However, I have changed it numerous times in the past!

  • Behold the Man
  • The City by the Sand
  • The Day the Sky Fell
  • White Collar Blues
  • Echoes
  • The Bombshell
  • A Man of Peace
  • The Hall of Mirrors
  • Friday's Child
  • Remember Me [the finale!]
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